Acupoint anesthesia relieves pain


Acupoint anesthesia relieves pain

In daily life, it is inevitable that the body will suddenly appear in some small situations. At this time, it does not hinder the method of triggering acupoint triggering, which may help you relieve the pain of the moment.

  You can try the “Hegu” hole when you have a toothache or a toothache.

The “Hegu” hole is located on the back side of the hand, the midpoint between the thumb and the index finger.

This acupoint is a health point for many diseases.

  The stiff neck pillow is mostly caused by improper sleeping posture at night or caused by wind and cold.

The patient often wakes up to find that the neck is sore and cannot turn.

At this time, as long as you massage a specific “pillowing hole”, you can relieve the pain.

The “pillowing hole” is located between the middle finger of the back of the hand and the metacarpal bone of the index finger, and the metacarpophalangeal joint is wide to the upper half of the thumb.

Use your index or middle finger to press back and forth on the side of your abdomen.

  Flash waist and waist is medically known as acute lumbar sprain, which is caused by excessive force, excessive activity and external force collision.

You can massage the “low back pain point” when you are waisting, which is very effective.

The “low back pain point” is located between the index finger and the middle finger of the back of the hand and between the ring finger and the little finger, the middle point of the wrist transverse line and the metacarpophalangeal joint, two holes at each other, and a total of four points.

These four points can be alternately pressed after a sprained waist.

  Acute cholecystitis The typical manifestation of acute cholecystitis is that after eating greasy food, the upper right abdominal cramps, paroxysmal aggravation, often accompanied by right shoulder and back pain, nausea, vomiting, fever and chills, etc., severe jaundice.

At this time, the ” gallbladder” hole can be etched to relieve pain.

A part can be touched under the knee joint of the lower leg, and the lower part of the lower thumb is the ” gallbladder” point in the depression below.

  Acute appendicitis is typical of acute appendicitis. The site of abdominal pain is mostly in the upper abdominal pain, under the xiphoid or around the umbilical cord. After about 6-8 hours or more than ten hours, the abdominal pain is gradually moved down and finally fixed in the right lower abdomen.

After the abdominal pain is fixed, the pain at the initial site can be significantly alleviated or even disappeared.

When the appendicitis occurs, the “tailtail” can be cured to relieve the pain.

The “Axillary Point” is located on the anterior side of the calf. The lower edge of the knee joint is widened by five thumbs down, and the outside of the calf bone is wide.

  Acupressure is not a treatment, it can only relieve the method, and if necessary, see a doctor.