Chinese New Year’s Day, meat wine, sweets, easy to become aunt’s liver


Chinese New Year’s Day, meat wine, sweets, easy to become aunt’s liver

After a busy year, we will inevitably have a dinner party at the end of the year. At this time, in addition to the gastrointestinal tract, our livers will also be “shocked”. Overtime and extra busy metabolism will make it easy for the liver to become fat.Aunt liver (Aunt exceeds 5% of wet liver weight).

If you already have diabetes, at this time, overeating, excessive alcohol and tobacco can easily lead to aggravated conditions and liver damage.

Therefore, experts in gastroenterology remind that the Chinese New Year and the New Year should not eat too much oily meat and amaranth, eat too much, quit smoking and drink alcohol, the diet must be light, do not forget to sit less and move more.

  One-fifth of the white-collar workers, “liver fat”, are called “sweet killers” by digestive physicians, because most unfortunate livers are eaten by “big mouthfuls”.

Under normal circumstances, the liver contains only a small amount of small amounts, when long-term eating too much, or addicted to alcohol, or like sweets, or eat less, such as “delicate”, the liver will slightly build up.

Shu Jianchang, a professor of Gastroenterology and Gastroenterology at the Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital affiliated to Jinan University School of Medicine, said that at present, the incidence of unfortunate liver in the general population is estimated to have exceeded 15%.

  In this year’s health checkup of more than 6,000 serving employees in 19 units of a hospital, 23 were found.

52% have aunt liver.

In rural areas, the prevalence of auntie liver is only 11.

5%, which is much lower than the urban population.

Experts believe that from this point of view, it is also confirmed by comparison: unreasonable expected structure, poor eating habits, alcoholism, sitting more and less, and other urban people’s bad lifestyle and behavior habits are the “culprits” of unfortunate liver.

  What’s more terrible is that the number of people with auntie liver disease now far exceeds that of white-collar workers, government personnel, people who often socialize and socialize, and even children have become the targets of unfortunate liver attacks.

Shu Jianchang said that it has been clinically found that the liver of the aunt has developed towards a younger age.

  Mild aunt can’t be sloppy, “you can’t become fat with a single bite.”

Similarly, the formation of auntie liver is also a cumulative process.

And most patients do not feel discomfort or even symptoms throughout the procedure.

Professor Shu said that although a large number of patients have been diagnosed with adult liver, the patients personally feel that it is not painful, itchy, and uncomfortable, so they do not admit it at all. They behave the same way and behave in the same way., Do not take the initiative to seek medical advice.

This phenomenon is extremely common.

  Representative Shu Jianchang said that the harm of this kind of “sweet killer” of a few livers is quite great, and it is by no means just a “benign disease” as people think.

According to the latest research, if mild liver cancer is not well controlled, mild liver disease will progress to moderate liver disease, and moderate liver disease will change to severe liver disease, even liver fibrosis and cirrhosis.

At this point, the condition will not be reversed, so even mild aunt liver cannot be ignored.

  What’s more amazing is that the adult liver is not only a liver disease, because patients with adult liver often have diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc., and will continue to increase or worsen during the continuous “fat” of the liver.Other diseases.
A survey showed that about 59% of patients with unfortunate livers died of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

  Sixteen-character tips for losing weight to the liver Experts believe that there are sixteen-character tips for protecting the liver and protecting the liver “reasonable control, weight control, and proper exercise.”

These are the basic methods for treating most infant livers. Generally speaking, strict implementation of these methods. After 6 months, abstinence from alcohol and correction of malnutrition can alleviate the reduction of most secondary livers. Even patients treated with medication should change their lifestyle.For basic treatment.

  (1) Contraindications to meat are not advisable. Reasonable matching with balanced nutrition. Except for liver patients, it is not necessary to abandon all “meat” and prohibit eating meat, otherwise develop good eating habits and reasonable diet.

Experts believe that eat less strong flavor and adopt proper cooking methods (mostly use steaming, stewing, cooking, boiling, cold dressing, and try to avoid frying, frying, braising, braising).

  In your diet, you must be full and not overeating.

Regular meals three times a day, try to avoid snacks, supper, eat slowly, the diet should not be too fine, staple food should be mixed with coarse grains, eat more grains, corn and other coarse grains.

The protein is mainly legume plant protein, and the animal protein is preferably fish, rabbit, and chicken; eat animal feces, especially pig brain, animal viscera and other high cholesterol foods.

Eat more high-vitamin foods, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially dark or green vegetables, and try to eat before or between meals to reduce your main food intake.

  (2) Light dieting is not advisable. Exercise is better than dieting. Many unfortunate liver patients expect to lose weight through dieting. In fact, exercise to lose weight while dieting, and exercise to lose weight are mainly abdominal viscera.

  Therefore, patients with aunt liver must first change the lifestyle of “sit more and sit less” and start doing aerobic exercises, such as swimming, playing table tennis, walking, jogging, swimming, skipping rope, cycling, etc.It is mainly aerobic catabolism, which can inhibit triglyceride synthesis and promote slight decomposition.

And basketball, football and other sports are anaerobic, which will increase the body’s energy consumption, hinder the consumption of free fatty acids, and lose weight.

Of course, there is a process of exercise to lose weight. The amount of exercise should be from small to large, and gradually, 3-5 times a week, 15-60 minutes each time.