Not to mention him,Not yet earthly,If you fall in love with him,I am destined to have a tragic ending。Tian Lu self-denial,Shaking his head again and again sober rattle。


Ye Xingkong’s work has also become very comfortable,Step by step every day,Not challenging,Boiled frog in warm water,How can we achieve value,He is also sorrowful。
Unknowingly stepping under the eaves of Tian Lu。
Through the windowsill,The lamp in the house is on,On the glass window,Tian Lu’s figure shakes from time to time,Like struggling。
Ye Xingkong suddenly saw a dark figure clutching Tian Lu stubbornly,Catch her hair and walk out,Tian Lu Shouwu grabbed a pass。
Ye Xingkong realized it was bad,Tian Lu in distress。
Running and jumping,Come to the room where Tian Lu is,Stopped them。The shadow is Feynak who has become Zhang Cheng,Is dragging the field,He wanted to make a breakthrough from Tian Lu to kill Ye Xingkong。
Ye Xingkong leaped flexibly,Fenak。
Feynak instantly turned around,But also brought Tian Lu down。Ye Xingkong is about to lift up Gu Lu,Fenak was thrown into white dust,Can’t open eyes,Feynak took the opportunity to stab Ye Xingkong with a dagger,Ye Xingkong dodges quickly after hearing the sound。
Tian Lu, who fell to the ground next to him, got up to help Ye Xingkong,Picked up a stool and threw it at Feynak,Feynak grabbed Tian Lu’s waist,Throw people out of the building with chairs,Tian Lu is like a fallen leaf falling in the air with her feet upright,Seeing to fall to the ground,Life hanging by a thread。
Ye Xingkong dangled,Shake off the dust,Take out the iron tool and press the button,All people and the air are immediately forbidden。
Ye Xingkong rises into the sky,Flew into the air to pick up Tian Lu from the air,Properly dropped to the ground,Tian Lu was able to take his life back。
Ye Xingkong put down Tian Lu,Chasing Feynak。
In a smoky wood,Ye Xingkong and Feynak confront,You punch by surprise,I fly by surprise,The two played a few rounds,Victory or defeat。
In the breathing space,Ye Xingkong and Feynak spoke in the gray planet language。
“You have the ability to come to me,What’s up with a girl!”Ye Xingkong said sharply。
“Haha,Can’t catch the meat,How can you be hooked?”Feynak smiled evilly。
“It’s time for you and me,Why not chase the earth,We don’t know if our home is still alive,You just want to kill me,Why bother?”Ye Xingkong Road。
“My biggest goal in life is to kill you,Only you are dead,I can rule the gray planet kingdom。”Feynak roar。
“You are too obsessed,Is it possible to return to the gray planet now is still a question,Save your life first,Why bother to hurt the innocent。”Ye Xingkong shook his head impatiently and said。