But I haven’t waited for him to understand what is going on.,http://www.lead-lighting.cn He thought that he thought of his girl,But once again blocked him in front of him。


Yinhe Emperor is completely angry。
why!Why block me??
Obviously than I weak,Not my opponent at all,Why do you still do this??!
Weak,Is it not good to do what is weak?!
White wings are more important than one,The girl’s face is increasingly white in front of him,The blue arc in front of you is getting weaker,But,Her amber is always with reluctance and firmness。
“垣 根 帝!”A roar seems to come from the sky,The face of the Emperor of the Jiegun,And the Normalin’s eyes fierce a surprise。
really,You came!
“垣 根 帝,you wanna die!”Looking at the pale beauty,The heart of the Qing Palace suddenly smoked,A dramatic pain came in his chest,Know that there is no reason,But but can’t control yourself.。
Looking at the top of the top of the tangerine rays fell in their own,Yan Gen Emperor bite his teeth,Look at the eyes of the girl’s eyes。
no solution anymore!
垣 根 帝 督 长 长 长 长,Behind the six wings,I haven’t had time and arrive in the Qing Dynasty.,Trickward!
Instead of being besieged by two,It is better to solve one by one.!
This is the idea of 垣 根 帝 督。
Looking at the white wings near front,The heart of Mechanical is extremely calm。
Looking at the figure of the Qing Palace, I will fly to myself.,Meiqin took a deep breath。
No matter what,I don’t want to be your cumbersome!
Slow down,The black electrode of the girl’s neck suddenly flashed a blue quiet。
next moment,The face of the Emperor of the Episode!
Chapter 569 Thunder
In a moment of closing your eyes slowly,The face of the Emperor of the Episode changed.。
In his feelings,In front of this tea girl’s body,The air seems to become a heavy mud in an instant.,Let your wings seem slow down,And this is not the reason for him.。
Although I don’t know what the third place is used.,But the end of the governor,This kind of crisis in my heart will not be lie.!
Yumi Meiqin in front of this time,Extremely dangerous!
“!!!”The Qing Dynasty is full of eyes,Unbelievable look at the United States,I have already stayed in a time.!
That is?!
Looking at the black electrode that appeared on the neck of the United States,The whole person in the Qing Palace is dull.。
Why this will be on the neck of American piano??
What exactly is going on?<i></i>
Dramatic arc riots,Uneasy snake,Trying to get http://www.iyanbang.cnoff the control of the girl,But every time you are about to succeed.,and,Qing Palace noticed,Azuro’s body around Mecougin,Once again, it slowly became purple.。
A thunderstorm is suddenly fried in the sky,Let everyone fight a cold war,The first spring that hid behind the Meiqin is changing the last thing to stay away from a few people.,Looking at the native piano while worried,The last face is with a sweet smile。
“Sister adult is beautiful!”
Really,A purple arc starts from the body of Meiqin,Washing is very amazing,As if the sword of the sky,It can be turned back in an eye.,Gentle around the teenagers around,Like a wafer of purple ribbon,Flashing dazzling light,Surrounded by a sleeping girl,If the princess is waiting for her prince,It’s hard to imagine,This beautiful‘Ribbon’It turned out to be the most madness of the world.。<i></i>
The arc is completely turned into a purple in the arc.,A lightning shape appeared on the forehead of the girl,Like a strange totem,After flashing a moving,Sadly hidden under the Liu Hai of Meiqin,And this scene is just seen by the Qing Palace.,Let the Qing Palace can’t help but,The next consciousness touched your forehead。
Also didn’t want to clear the palace,The following Miqin is slowly open.,When and metano’s instant,The Qing Palace has a shock。
How is it a pair of eyes?!Originally girl like a water-like amber scorpion,At this time, it turned into a crystal bright purple.,Like a glittering star river,Attached to the beautiful face of Meiqin, a level of noble veil。It is the most important point to,The Qing Dynasty did not start from the eyes of Meiqin,See even if a woman is fascinating,The girl’s eyes are still clear such as water。
“Namagin!you!”The Qing Dynasty is full of eyes,Low-sense whispering,“You are fine?”<i></i>
Mechanic’s eyes have passed a smile,then,Her body is slowly floating from the ground。
A pair of unusually beautiful purple wings in the back of the Meiqin,Different from the Qing Dynasty and the Emperor Emperor Angel,The wings of the thunderbolt behind the Meiqin are more like a butterfly wings.,And the wings that are displayed when the Meiqin is running away.,Can be different,The whole pair of pure white electric plants,Under purple lightning,It seems particularly gorgeous,But everyone knows,Behind the wings,It is not so fascinated by such a pleasing beauty.。