Tan Qiao: Take a "Tan Tang Traffic", I am sighing


Original title: Tan Qiao: Take again "Tan Tang Traffic", I am sighing on December 2nd, Tan Qiao again talks about traffic safety.

Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Wu Li photo "Hello, here is Tan Tang Traffic.

The front intersection is a yellow light, and there are two cars to open.

"December 2, national traffic safety day. At 7 o’clock in the morning, Tan Qiao in the video platform 哩 哩 (hereinafter referred to as" B Station ") updated a video, quickly ignited the enthusiasm of netizens: within a few hours, 100,000 + Play, more than 1400 bargains.

  When shooting "Tan Tang Traffic", this intersection is a high-risk location.

Come here for many years, Tan Qiao has guarded more than 10 big trucks in this, even a yellow light, "Every car started to brake in advance, I am a little sighing." Tan Joe, Tan Joe, It is a well-known person in Chengdu and even Sichuan.

From 2005 to 2018, Tan Qiao hosted by Tan Qiao is one of the most popular TV programs in Chengdu; now, Tan Qiao and "Tan Tang Traffic" are also popular on the Internet, in B station, Weibo, etc. There are millions of fans. The host of "Half Road" is a wish of Tan Qiao, but there is a sad story behind it.

  At the age of 16, Tan Qiao was on the traffic lights in the intersection, and the opposite mother was prepared to pass the street, and the young daughter was sitting on the back seat, and the road in the side was slowly moving.

At this time, the mother suddenly broke his daughter in the ground and rolled to the road. Everyone else has not been reacted, and the roller is rushed from the girl. "After seeing such a tragedy, I just thought that I have to be a traffic police, so that such a traffic accident is less.

"Tan Qiao said. After the uniform wearing a year, Tan Qiao was really not easy. He encountered a car without steering wheel, the driver used the wrench instead of the steering wheel operation, just to send the car Go to the repair shop. I have encountered a car that has no rear tires. Two iron 轱 轱 all the way, the cement is splashing, "I thought who I was in the city.

"In 1995, when Tan Queao took the traffic police, the national civilian car ownership had more than 10,000, and the road traffic safety awareness did not keep up. This is also the original intention of" Tan Tang Traffic " – aim to popularize the "People’s Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law" to enhance the consciousness of public traffic safety travel. "TV station came to our traffic police team selection, leaders let me try it, then try it. As a result, people were impressed with me, I also tried up the host. "Tan Qiao recalls. It is not easy for halfway out.

In order to find the sense of the lens, Tan Qiao often opens the camera practice after get off work, and strives to make himself concession in the program.

As for the new sentence, there is a hard sentence, behind the back, there is hard work.

Back Tang poetry Song Words and even wounded, the Internet is tight with hot trends, Tan Qiao said that he is a "person pursuing perfection", always wants to do things best.

  In this way, "Tan Tang Traffic" actually broadcasts for 13 years, becoming a widely sought after the popular law, until 2018 stopped.

"During this period, the Chengdu Traffic Management Bureau has given great support for" Tan Tang Traffic ".

I am especially grateful to my master, he is a propaganda expert in the Traffic Management Bureau.

"Tan Qiao sighs. But later, the show stopped.

"Mainly, the transportation environment has changed." Tan Qiao explained this, "In the past, we may just open which intersection, wait for a while, there will be various types of traffic violations.

I found later that people’s traffic safety awareness has become more and more, you have to find a wonderful story, it is difficult.

So the show is broadcast, which is a big trend. "The whole network is looking for a" magical woman "" Tan Tan Traffic "why is this fire? Some netizens wrote:" This is not only a popular law show, but also presenting life. "In the" Fugui Uncle ", the uncle of illegal trucks talked about his parents and died, the brother was too late, the wife was difficult to produce, the younger brother was low, life is full, but it is still to say" look forward to the front. "

In May of this year, Tan Qiao once again found "Fugui Uncle", the uncle has been married and born, life is flat and happy, once again triggered the hot discussion.

  In the "Best Cabinet" program, two young people ride a tattered battery car to work, they just came from Dazhou to Chengdu, and the hair messy is ash.

In the conversation with Tan Qiao, a young man shouted the full network "I used to use the domestic Best Cabinet", and the love of the work is sigh.

"This is the floating world on the road. You think that passersby is playing fine, in fact, people live seriously.

"Netizen evaluation.

  "In fact, many traffic violations are also a vulnerable group.

As a law enforcement, what should we take? "This is a problem that Tan Jie is often encountered. Once, Tan Qiao shouted a man with a battery car with a small, pulling a pot bowl." Why do you go? " "I move, police officer." "Tan Qiao didn’t think much, put the man’s baggage into the car, ready to help men moving. At home, it is very difficult, there is a small child, holding a box of boxed milk is drinking "So small doll, why not drink milk powder?" "My money is fined, I can’t afford it."

"Tan Qiao hooks, and touched 200 cash on the pocket to men.

"This 200 is not mine, it is donated by others, you take it." Tan Qiao explained.

This sentence is half a semi-fake. Previously, a traffic violation gave Tan Qiao 500 yuan, hoping to donate money to a seriously ill girl in Wenzhou, Zhejiang through Tan Qiao. "Results This family refused to donate, because the money doesn’t need to be more." Tan Qiao decided to leave the money to the next person who needs help.

  Since then, Tan Qiao often sessilion gives the people who need help and use this set of words.

Over time, "Tan SIR has 500 yuan for a flower" also became a paragraph of fans to Jinjin, often mentioned in the latitude of the program.

  In an interview, Tan Qiao said that he will often miss a program party – "I am willing to call it a magical woman."

  In the show, the woman’s thin body took heavy goods, but said to Tan Qiao: "I am very strong, don’t believe we have two calls." And Tan Qiao memory is still new This woman said: "I hope to achieve my life through my own hands, don’t add any burden to the society." "If there is a chance, I still want to see her again."

"For the lens, Tan Qiao point. Daren Archives Tan Qiao Sichuan Road Traffic Safety Association Deputy Secretary-General, Safety Patrol."

Tan SIR Star Child Help the Disabled Fund Director, the original policeman of the Transportation Administration of Chengdu Public Security Bureau, "Tan Tang Traffic" host.

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