Note: Health messages from teeth


Note: Health messages from teeth

Teeth and physical health are closely related. If the body is unwell, the teeth often send out warning messages.

Take a look at the health messages from your teeth.

  1. Gingival bleeding-liver lesions are always found when you brush your teeth, or you take a bite of food, and you find a blood mark on it. In addition to the symptoms of periodontitis, you should also pay attention to whether the liver in the body has complications.

The reason is that when liver cells are damaged, the function of the liver to produce coagulation factors will decrease, and then the coagulation mechanism will be impaired.

Patients with chronic liver disease may even have gum bleeding, nose bleeding, and excessive menstruation.

  Tip: Patients with liver disease with bleeding gums can take vitamin C, vitamin K and hemostatic drugs to relieve the condition.

  2. Frequent Molars-Molar tension is a typical symptom of gastrointestinal parasites. Parasite toxins can stimulate nerves, causing nerve excitement and molars.

In addition, clinical studies have found that molars are also associated with inability to resolve tension.

  Tip: As long as you pay attention to relieving your worry, adjust your mental state, and relax your mind, the phenomenon of bruising will naturally disappear.

  3. Looseness of teeth-Osteoporosis usually occurs when people reach middle age. As they grow older, their bone state goes downhill and their bone density becomes lower and lower.

The main reason for tooth loosening is that the alveolar bone is not strong.

At this time, if the woman is in menopause, the osteoporosis is more serious, and the alveolar bone may be loosened.

  Tips: Test to determine if you have osteoporosis and treat it early; usually do more jumping exercises and regular tooth decay activities are also a good way to strengthen bones.

  4, teeth grow-too much diabetes patients with diabetes feel this way, teeth have grown.

The reason is that the high saliva content of diabetes patients is conducive to bacterial growth; at the same time, the increased calcium content in saliva is prone to form stones, which will increase the incidence of periodontal disease and dental caries.

In fact, the real cause of tooth growth is the result of shrinking gums.

  Tip: Cleanliness of teeth is very important for people with diabetes.

Don’t forget to check if your teeth are breaking down quickly in the short term.

  5, tooth swelling and pain-stomach heat stomach heat is often the cause of tooth swelling and pain, may also be accompanied by thirst, constipation, nausea, abdominal distension and other symptoms.

  Tip: Excessive consumption of thick paste or depressed mood is the cause of tooth swelling.

Therefore, a light diet and a pleasant mood are a good way to relieve symptoms.