Salsa Online Shopping Guide



Salsa Online Shopping Guide

During the colorful winter shopping carnival in Hong Kong, air tickets and hotels were very tight, and many MMs chose the form of online shopping.

In fact, SASA’s online shopping website has been open for a long time, and many Dongdong are tax-free prices, sent from HK, this method is safe and fast, not afraid of fakes, and the price is much cheaper!

  Special reminder: choose China as the region, choose RMB as the reference currency, HKD and USD are the trading currencies, and the others are the reference currencies.

  For shipments from Hong Kong, generally EMS to the mainland of China, unless you choose the ordinary post.

There is “Free shipping for the first time for newly registered members” on the website, but you will find that it is actually free if you pay at least 35USD. However, it will be free when you pay at least 50USD. Completely.All MMs are like this. I don’t know what the reason is. If you are dissatisfied, find someone to fight for the bill.


Free shipping over 50USD and express delivery, I believe most of them will choose express delivery, so do not have the issue of full mail or free shipping over 50USD, or PP.

  Re-PS: Goods over 2KG may be repacked. The specific situation is unknown because they have not been encountered.

  Regarding payment methods For orders in Mainland China, SSA online shopping accepts payment methods as: credit cards (including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, American Express, Diners Letter of Credit, Diners Club and JCB cards), PaypalBank transfer (SASA account is Citibank’s, you need to pay a handling fee of 25USD, so generally I don’t think anyone would choose this method), Alipay.

  Among the more recommended are credit cards and Alipay, which are very cost-effective.

  I use Alipay to pay. At the end of the checkout, it will automatically be converted into RMB according to the exchange rate on the day for you to pay. Now the US dollar seems to be falling, so it’s not bad, hehe.

  There are often events on the sample SASA website. Some of the XX products purchased will give XX what products or samples of gifts, etc. This MM can check if there is a brand according to its own needs.activity.
In addition, if it is over 75USD, there will be a sample for you to choose in step 4 of the checkout. Buy more and send more. The specific sample is not accurate. It has been changing. I have seen SUISSE and the like.Row.

  Regarding points and VIP 4HKD or 0.

5USD as a point, points can be exchanged for gifts, please visit SASA website for specific gifts, I will not go into details.

  You can apply for membership on the SASA website for a single purchase of more than 450USD or a cumulative purchase of 641USD in six months, and members can get a 5% discount. I believe everyone knows this. I haven’t studied it carefully for members, hehe.

I hope to have MM who has successfully increased VIP on the website to add!

  I do n’t know how the product is good or bad and the production date of the product received by others. At least from the several products I bought, including DIOR, CLARINS, CLINIQUE, etc., the goods are very positive.

Because the goods are fresh or not, what I received is basically the first half of 10 years, so it is still fresh. MM, who is more sensitive to this problem, carefully considers whether to buy it because some people have received it.of.
I concluded that the most popular products are basically fresh, because the goods are shipped quickly, and the unpopular products should have a relatively long retention period, so they will be relatively new.

  Regarding tariffs SASA writes “gifts” on parcels sent by SSA, so customs usually do nothing.

However, we do not rule out the customs whim to check your package, so . well, I hope this situation does not happen as much as possible, but there are certain risks to pay taxes, after all, we are importers.

I do n’t know what will happen if you are detained by the customs, because I have n’t encountered it yet.

  That’s about it. At every step after the order is submitted, SASA will send EMAIL to your mailbox for you to confirm or check, including the final courier number and query address will send you EMAIL.

SASA’s packaging is also more responsible. Bubble pads, foams, and products are well protected.