Although I admire this person,But Hu Yang can only shake his head:“Big brother,Sorry!I am also very optimistic about this material,Do you want to stop looking at other?”


The middle-aged man is unmoved,Continue to increase:“How about two hundred thousand?”
“It’s really not a question of money。”
Tut!Hu Yang said this,The audience in the live broadcast room all laugh,What is not a question of money?Is it because of insufficient money??
The onlookers were equally speechless,Why is it not a question of money?Two hundred thousand is not enough,Out to half a million,one million,Is it still a problem?As long as the money is enough,No problem!
What do you say lad,I’m clearly saying that the money is not enough!Get!Thought it was a fool,I didn’t expect to be very smart。
But everyone is more curious,They all say they are most likely hollow,Why is this person still stalking?I have to buy this piece of wood?
Inside,No tricks,Can’t explain。That guy is young and naive,Understandable。But this middle-aged man,It’s not like a squanderer。
Even the boss who bet on wood is puzzled,Is there a secret he doesn’t know about that piece of material??
“You make a price。”The middle-aged people directly let Populus ask the price,He also doesn’t believe it’s not a question of money。
As soon as this word comes out,People around are in an uproar,Direct offer,How optimistic about that piece of material is this!What did these two find out??
Betting boss,His face also became gloomy,I don’t know what I missed,A little uncomfortable。
“Let’s go out and take a look first!”Populus refused to offer,No need。
“Five hundred thousand,You earn ten times。”Middle-aged people increase prices again。
this time,The gambling boss’s breathing quickened a lot,Blood in my heart,Five hundred thousand!Had known,Shouldn’t be sold for 50,000 yuan。Wait a second,Can wait until this person comes。
The audience in the live room,And Hua Tsai、Xiaoxiao、Of course they,All showing a relieved expression:What a familiar taste and recipe!
Seeing him still not forgiving,Populus helplessly:“Big brother,Don’t say 500,000,I won’t necessarily give you a million。”
The middle-aged man sighed:“How did you see it?”
Populus euphratica:“Guessed。”