The sharp reference is correct, Americans are already discussing "clearing Trump" …


Reference Message Network November 26 reported 2020 Thanksgiving, in accordance with the US tradition, Trump and the first lady Melonia at the White House at the White House at the White House on the White House. Since this year’s US election story is too twists, the reporters seize all the opportunities to ask Trump.

Will you imperfect yourself? After listening to this problem, it is also as a problem, Trump does not have a fierce media reporter as it is often, he just smiles for a group, then turn around, leaving a bigger imagination to the outside world. . According to US law, the president can not be prosecuted during the in-service period.

Triang’s popularity is obviously very inheft to enjoy this, in October last year, Trump’s private lawyers said that the president killed in the fifth Avenue of New York, nor is it prosecuted.

But at this time, Trump, now, Trump is considered to be in the past, on January 20 next year, he may have to move out of the White House, re-become the businessman Trump, the exemption of the president is naturally no longer exists.

In this case, some people who have long seen Trump also wrapped in the palm of their hands and began to create Trump. A Democratic Member of the US House of Representatives issued a sharp statement, which is called Trump, and the Ministry of Justice should be thoroughly investigated after Trump. The US "Wall Street Journal" also said that Trump family companies face clearing after the election, and his family businesses will face the deepest financial and legal challenges for decades. Therefore, how to hurry the last time for the maximum interests, become the problem that Trump has to face, and the exemption is the focus of its reliance. But the use of this power may be some magical.

In the UK’s "Financial Times", the Trump term or there will be some unethical forgiveness in the last time.

According to Washington, the United States, the US President Trump is pardon for the first national security consultant Michael Flin, although Flin recognizes that the Federal Investigation Bureau is perjury during the Russian investigation. The British "Guardian" also reported that Trump is likely to pardon’s controversists in the former campaign assistant during the remaining more than 50 days of office. .

The American Cable News Network (CNN) even envisaged such a road: Trump temporarily handed over the President power to Pens, which is pardon with President President. However, CNN also pointed out that such an idea is not a reality, the reason is not Trump unwilling to do this, but Pens himself wants to compete for president and do not want to make this insurance.

Of course, this discussion regardless of the bizarre, it is just a hypothesis of the US media.

The transition process has been opened, ready to take over the president next year, is the next person who really determines Trump fate.

On November 24th, Biden responded to whether it would be investigated to Trump during an interview.

He said that he would not indicate the Trump of the Ministry of Justice, because he would not use the Ministry of Justice as its own tool.

Biden also pointed out that there are many investigations in Trump to investigate at the state level, and he is not powerful for this. This ambiguity is obviously unable to bring security to Trump, and this may be that Trump insists that it is an important reason for the 36-related elections, he has lost 35 items. Trump’s performance, in some US netizens, it is a sleepy beast, especially after seeing the turkey of this year, many people recall in 2018, Trump has ridiculed the competition in the forgive ceremony. The turkey named carrots.

He said: This is a fair campaign. Unfortunately, carrots refuse to admit defeat and require re-voting.

Two years later, this video was turned out again, and there is a US netizen commented in videos: Now, Trump is 2020 turkey.

Some people say that from today, Trump has a new nickname: carrot. Trump really becomes carrot? It should be pointed out that Trump has not arrived as a knife, I am a point of turkey. After all, he has more than 70 million tickets in this election, which is called the highest ticket in the United States, indicating that it has a huge support. Through the four-year term, American politics has also been deeply imprinted by Trian Puism. The US "Times" weekly is pointed out that even if he is going to stand up, he has to govern a Trump’s US. French ambassador to the United States, Ambassador, Ambassador, said that Trump, in the White House, may be a godfather of the Republican.

And Trump himself has already been intended to be re-participated in 2024, which makes the Democrats such as sitting in needles. Thanksgiving Day is very special for turkey, Trump said, but not a good day, if you think carefully. In the face of the lens, his statement seems to be deep.

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