Targeting the industrial chain smooth info chain – the story of the Postal Savings Bank Shanxi Branch Financial Support


  Xinhua Net Taiyuan On July 3 () Financial Supporting Agriculture, helping the revitalization of the Postal Savings Bank Shanxi Branch to study the party history and education. Around Shanxi Agriculture "Excellent" resource endowment, it is accompanied by agricultural industry chain financial needs. The postal bank Shanxi Branch puts the financial live water to support Shanxi agriculture and inheritance listening to the party, and the reddes of the party will be unified, innovative financial products , Extends financial services to create financial branches of financial agriculture. Entrepreneurship has supported enterprises, and funds are a hurdle.

This slate is in front of Hao Weifang, returning home. In 2015, Hao Weifeng, who has sold the general manager of the company, returned to the development agriculture of Xiquan Village, Changdi Town, Yuci District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province. Jinzhong is a grain basin in Shanxi, and the local millet is very characteristic. Hao Weifang positioned the industrial development in selenium-enriched millet planting, acquisition and sales, established Shanxi Feng Guyuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

  I have it, but it is a big gap.

"I have no collateral, I have no credit on several banks.

"She said. Casual opportunity, the postal bank Bank Jinzhong Cultural Center Square Branch Creditors Wang Fei recommended" Agricultural Raising "products.

The mortgage and guaranteed ways are combined with her status. The first batch of 400,000 yuan loans will make up for the company’s liquidity gap. After the loan expired, she once again applied for 400,000 yuan to the Postal Bank.

  Doing a service, toughness, temperature, with heart considering corporate demand, patiently helps companies solve practical difficulties.

Based on this purpose, in 2017, the Postal Savings Bank Shanxi Branch cooperates with Shanxi Provincial Agricultural Credit Financing Guarantees, for planting, farming, acquisition, processing, etc. "Agricultural Ranking" business. Guaranteed, agricultural enterprises and farmers can be credited directly from the Postal Savings Bank by guarantees. At the end of May, the early June is a good time.

  With abundant liquidity, Hao Weifang is aimed at functional agricultural products, carrying out the "selenade look" project with selenore and science and technology, and conducts the high-yield high-yield high-yield and high-yield technology of selenium-enriched grain, and launches selenium-enriched black millet; order orders with more farmers More than 1600 villagers walked on selenium-enriched agriculture, driving more than 260 farmers to plant selenium-rich black millets, and the annual production of selenium-enriched small grains million catties. At the same time, the Postal Savings Bank provides financial services such as public households, acquisitions (rate reduction), providing savings cards, credit cards such as company employees and members. With bank financial support and financial services, Hao Weifang cooperated with the processing factory to create a special brand of selenium-enriched black millet, opened "selenium" function agricultural product sales store.

  The salesperson in the exhibition will promote the online sales and live bands. Today, the company can provide guarantees and improving services to farmers on the industrial chain, and cooperative farmers can obtain credit bank credits only through credit guarantees.

  At the same time of financial support, in 2020, under the recommendation of the Postal Savings Bank, Hao Weifeng brings his own products to the CCTV Financial Channel "Entrepreneur Heroes", conduct financing and brand publicity.

  From credit to the brand, under the support of the Postal Savings Bank, Hao Weifang crossed the capital Kan, and the company turned into industrialization. "South Fruit Loan" to the industrial chain force "3 days, through the credit loan 20,000 yuan," Qi Guangguang, Yanjiazhuang Village, Yanjiazhuang, Yanjiazhuang, Yanjiazhuang, Yanjiazhuang, Yanjiazhuang, Yanjiazhuang, Yanjiazhuang, Linyi County, Shanxi Province, Apply for the Postal Savings Bank " South Fruit Loan, purchase agricultural resources such as fertilizers in a timely manner.

  "20 fruit refrigerated libraries, 10,000 tons of reserves require a lot of liquidity." Every year, Zhou Jun has to apply for 2 million "South Fruit Loan" loans from the Postal Savings Bank to operate their own fruit library, so Cooperation is already the 9th year.

  From the upstream farmers to the downstream fruit library, it is the epitome of the postal storage bank’s support. The Postal Savings Bank creditors visited in the fruit trading market. Yuncheng is located in the south of Shanxi.

Forming a storage, cold chain, packaging, printing, transportation, dining, and processing of the whole industry.

  The party committee of the Postal Savings Bank Shanxi Branch launched the "I am doing practical things for the masses" practice activities and party branches, and promotes the problem of solving the most concerned about the company and the people.

  From the specialty industry and the whole industry chain, the Postal Savings Bank Yuncheng Branch integrates financial products, launches "South Fruit Loans", and the financial support ranges from Apple to the pear, jujube, cherry, grape, hawthorn and other types, involving planting, acquisition, Warehousing, processing, transportation, sales and other links, financial products accurately match the requirements of the production and business subjects.

  Yangbo loan, Yangbo, Yuncheng, Yuncheng, was used for more than 40,000 yuan for orchard. He said: "The first loan office procedure for three days, then use money to save more, he will greet, mobile phone, mobile phone Operation, I arrived at ten minutes.

"According to reports, through" South Fruit Loan ", farmers can have no mortgage, and pure credit will receive a small credit of 100,000 yuan; fruit buyers, warehouse households, and fruits can be guaranteed by fruit library non-standard collateral as guarantees, and credit 2 million Yuan; fruit transportation industry, the packaging industry can obtain the credit of financial products such as extreme loans, rural protection loans. Financial activities, industry activities.

The provincial postal banks revolve around the "Food Tail" "Rural Work Tail" customized industrial chain financial service products, forming a financial chain of industrial chain that drives upstream farmers and enterprises.

  Up to now, the Postal Savings Bank Shanxi Branch has passed the "South Fruit Loan" to the fruit industrial chain. It supports more than 8,000 fruit farmers. Financial helps to promote agricultural production, the production of effective business methods are produced by production.

With financial assistance to promote agricultural production, it has also become the direction of the Financial Savings Bank to expand the direction of financial support. In 2020, the Postal Savings Bank Tunfield Branch United Shanxi Provincial Agricultural Credit Financing Guarantee Company (hereinafter referred to as the farmhouse company) and the "zero-batch" model of financial support together with the Agricultural Authority of Shanxi Province, further enhanced Enterprises gain feelings, happiness, security.

  Zhao Jianhu is the person in charge of Tunuyu County Chengchao Trading Co., Ltd., and he built its own warehouse to buy food storage of corn. In May 2020, he acquired corn from the postal bank loan, the service of the bank, Zhao Jianhu was very satisfied, he summed: fast, low interest rate, good service.

  In this mode, the "Changzhi City Return District Agricultural Production Trust Service Association" "Changzhi City Reed District Food Industry Association" recommended to the Tunu District Branch recommended credit customers and issued a letter of recommendation letter. Tunu District Branch is unified to accept, surveys, reported to review and approvals, and reports that the rural timing is credited to form chain mass development.

  "This credit model reduces the bank and guarantee the company’s early test cost and capital risk, which greatly reduces the lending cycle." The postal banks of the Postal Savings Bank said.

  "Before the previous name can loans 5 to 100,000 yuan, now recommend, free guarantee, free mortgage, and the amount can reach 500,000 yuan.

Introduction to the Vice President of the Agricultural Production Truck Service Association of Tun, Yan Shuquan.

  The "Association + Bank + Agricultural Body" is allowed to support the hosted service area of ??Kang source agricultural machinery service professional cooperatives from 3,000 mu to 20,000 mu, and the whole process of land production is fully managed. The cultivated area is 720,000 mu of researchers to achieve 620,000 mu of production. Duo Wei District, secretary, said that the "Agricultural Reliation" series of "Agricultural Protection and Loan" products from the Postal Savings Bank, she said: "The Postal Savings Bank is the bank, giving farmers’ loans fast, flexible business, project grounding, In the middle of the people, there is a good monument, providing funds for agricultural production and farmers living in the county.

"At present, the Postal Savings Bank Tunar Street Branch has a cumulative collection of agricultural production managed by 94 million yuan, helping 150 new agricultural operating subjects to develop agricultural production.

  Party history learning education has injected strong driving force into the party members and cadres. Next, the party committee will further close the new needs of financial services, actively explore new models of farmers financial services, and effectively transform learning results into work power and high quality development, letting financial sunshine illuminate a better life. the road. (Finish).