Datong "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities warm


In the practice of "I do practical things to do for the masses", Datong City has guaranteed heating, resolving parking, transforming old communities, eliminating online fraud, and improving pension protection, etc. Care, the most direct, and most realistic interests, through a piece of people’s livelihood, let the people ‘s happiness index continues to improve.

All levels of the departments take a solid style, enthusiasm attitude, into the group of people, solve the people, warm people, do practical things, dedication, and strive to practice party members’ initial mission. In May of this year, Shanxi Province fully launched the "Clear Action", which was fully registered, and issued a real estate registration certificate to the eligible housing to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses. Since the official launch of house property rights registration, the "Clear Action" has been issued, Datong City publicizes the list of 165 communities that can be registered to transfer, and collect the clues of non-regular ownership catritions to the society.烊 烊 "… Make sure" Clear Action "is covered, zero omissions, and solidify the benefit of Huimin. "Since October 12, the heating at home is hot, and now it has been more stable, and the room temperature exceeds 20 ° C." Ms. Wei, who lives in Nanguan residential community in Yongtai South Road, Pingcheng District, said.

Similarly, Mr. Chen, who lives in the Yandong and Huibe Bay Community, also expressed satisfaction with the heating effect of the home.

"Before you warm, the family is cold, and you have multiple suites.

Now the temperature is just right, very comfortable.

"It is understood that after the preliminary installment, the thermal network is concentrated in the previous period. At present, the entire hot network of Datong City is normal. It has stable operation of the heating system, and the various indicators have reached the heating-related standards. Before the winter, Datong City Drop, the lowest temperature at night is 20 degrees, cold is very cold.

Jingyi Datong Heat Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center is not reduced, and users who come to do things are endless, including transfer, repair, inquiry and other business, staff members are patient. A self-service query service is also set up in the hall to facilitate the operation of the public.

The customer service hotline staff is also busy, and for the user’s reflected heating problem, timely arrange the duty personnel to respond to resolution.

Shanxi Datang International Yunngang Power Co., Ltd. is one of the largest thermochemicals in Datong, undertakes the city’s centralized heating capacity of more than 2.4 million square meters. In the face of strong cooling weather, the company has a good coal reserve, guarantee the load, increase production equipment inspection and operation and maintenance, and strengthen the implementation of on-site equipment to prevent cold and anti-freezing measures, investigate the hidden dangers, and fully meet the heating requirements.

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