After the "double minus", the "addition and subtraction of the teachers face"


Original title: "Double Reduction", the "Double Reduction and Evaluation" policy facing the teacher has been promiscuous for 4 months. On July 24, the Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Further Reduce Students’ Workload and Automatic Training of Compulsory Education".

In the text of more than 6,000 words of "Double Ministries" policy, "School" and "School Training Institutions" have appeared 43 and 37 times respectively. Policy proposes, to make students’ learning better return to campus through standardized school training markets.

This refund is a major adjustment to the education pattern.

Turn your students from the heavy school training, return to the campus, this is just the path to the essence of education, and the key to the "double minus" policy landing roots is in the teacher.

For students, "Double Reduce" is subtraction, for teachers, "Double Reduce" is more like a four-way computation of "addition and subtraction".

The first is "addition". From the surface, the "double reduction" has increased significantly. After the "double minus" policy is implemented, in order to ensure the child’s sleep time, many places have delayed the early morning class time, but the time of the teacher’s work is not late, because some parents will take early because of the relationship of work. The child sent to the school, as long as there is a student who is arrived at school, the teacher must not be late; the school has added the after-school service, not only to counsel the student homework, give the students to check the missing, and organize colorful activities, will be late . Coupled with preparation, teaching and research, approval operations, communicate with parents … After "double reduction", many media recorded "a day of teachers" in a variety of ways, and many teachers have worked more than 12 hours a day. Some teachers ridiculed that he has become "Time Management Master", and it has practiced the skill of seeing a pin; there are also teachers say: "The Internet is ‘996’, we are ‘666’: get up at 6 o’clock every day, 6 o’clock in the evening Going home, I have to open a class at night or on Saturday. "Give students a burden, it is not to turn the burden or overlay to the teacher, and the student reduces the increasing teacher increase is obviously not the original intention of the" double minus "policy.

In the face of the burden of teachers, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Education responded that they will continue to supervise the organization of teachers to reduce the installation of teachers and the optimization of teachers, and deepen education and teaching reforms. Get effective. Then you have to give teachers "subtracting". To "reduce", first, which is the burden of teachers should not bear.

In recent years, many teachers’ incarnation of "cousin", "Cookies", "Funny", is just a way to laugh and relax. It should be said that how many forms unrelated to the teaching, how many "issues" have nothing to do with teaching.

For the non-teaching burden on the teachers, the competent education authorities have always attached great importance to it. From 2018, the Ministry of Education will be reduced to the teacher, and in 2019, it was also listed as "giving the teacher to the teacher". In 1990, the Office of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, The Office of the State Council issued a number of advice on reducing the good environment of primary and secondary school teachers, " It is called "20 teachers to reduce the burden 20".

In 2020, there were a specific reduction in the list, and the Ministry of Education and other 8 departments were issued and issued a number of opinions on further stimulating the vitality of the primary and secondary schools. " Interference between the teaching order of the school ‘s normal education. The policy is not necessarily not a big, but why do I have a teacher to reflect whether there is no reduction? A middle school teacher said to the author, "Double Reduction" specialized in scientific operation of the teacher, the school also issued the requirements, but the so-called "design" of the school is the idea of ??writing operations every day, "homework It does need to design, but the premise of designing science is to study students, write a complete thinking of at least the thousand words, the form to be filled in, the summary of writing is enough, and it is not strong to carry out real research. "In the eyes of the author, the root cause of the accident is" a knife and cut "and" light performance "and other inertial thinking.

The formalism in school management must be removed to reduce the non-teaching burden of teachers accordingly. After the "addition and decrease" is "multiplication", the multiplication is doubled. After "double reduction", what are the teachers to strengthen and reduce? It should be strongly strengthened.

Specially mentioned in the "Double Reduction" policy to strengthen the main position of the school education.

In fact, these years, the proof of foreign training institutions is crazy, and even the "anti-customer" situation, there are also factors that are not enough for some public schools.

A parent tells the author, encountering a problem, the child will send a training class in the first time, no matter how late, the teacher will answer as much as possible, "There are a few children will send a problem at night. The teacher of your own school? "Behind the question is the untrust of the school. In addition, a few schools have some of the related associations with some mutant mutant, which has increased this untrustworthy, especially the "pit class", has formed a small number of schools and school training institutions. More close chain: The school training institution is responsible for the super-outline training, and organizes the cup to selection. The school will put these children "to move" into the school, and the school has done "pick up".

Between the advance retreat, some schools have gradually lost their original research students, and the teaching of the teaching, some teachers are "photo deconed", and the ability to "eat" naturally have extracurricular classes to "add food", the ability to add the weak, the ability, "learning is not "The class" is naturally solved. There are very few teachers even join the ranks of the school training institution. Mingli is not well teaching in the school, but the training course in the school. How can the "main position" can be enough? The "Double Reduction" policy clearly puts forward the quality of the school education and the level of service, and the operational arrangement should be more scientifically reasonable. The school class service should basically meet the needs of students. Students should go to the campus.

Whether it is the quality of education, operation design, or after-school service, which is not a school, teacher indicates that an attitude can be solved, but the teaching ability of teachers, teaching ability, teaching ability, teachers Talented to ensure the implementation of the goal. So, what is the reduction? "Double Reduction" policy is clearly proposed, to build a good ecology, effectively relieve parents ‘anxiety and promote students’ comprehensive development, healthy growth.

Building a good educational ecology must force to reverse the evaluation criteria for "Idumbead". When the capital is peeled off, the teacher can still stay in the era of "KPI", to truly study the child, discover the flash point of each child, so that every child can grow confidently.

Of course, to reverse the idea of ??the teacher’s imperialism, the school must "more one ruler" when evaluating teachers, can not ask teachers to pay attention to the multi-dimensional development of students, but the most useful in "evaluation" or students’ scores. Ten years of tree people, education is really a "slow work".

A few days ago, a teacher wrote a video fire with a chalk with a chalk, and the teachers in the video can write extremely beautiful articles, and even change the fonts of Lishu, Xiaoxi, a book. Many netizens are amaten "Walking printers" ".

However, some old teachers pointed out that several decades ago, the board was the basic skill of each teacher, and the teacher who wrote a beautiful board, even a circle, the teacher who was painted, the teacher was not a few. It’s just that the teachers who can calm down the basic skills in these years. Good educational ecology is first a quiet state in a sense. Going to the utilitarian and impetuous, the initiality and essence of education, a quiet campus, a bright classroom, a quiet teacher and a group of healthy growth students, it should be what educated. Fan Yichen (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Wen Wei) Share let more people see.