9 unexpected allergens


9 unexpected allergens

Skin tenderness is a good thing, but there are times when sensitive constitutions make people worry.

For example, you ca n’t eat seafood and you ca n’t touch mango.

In fact, in addition to these, there are many allergens in life that are often overlooked.

Careful attention, you will find that chemicals and fabrics in underwear are likely to cause skin irritation. People with solid skin are better off buying pure natural fabrics. Glue, resin or other materials in shoes are likely to cause skin cracking. People with solid skin are mostGood socks . Xiaobian and you learn 9 allergens that cannot be ignored in life.

  1. Water seems to be the most harmless substance around us, but whether you believe it or not, some people are allergic to water.

  Rubella due to water is rare, and it includes extreme itching and painful wheezing of the skin caused by water at any temperature.

Reactions due to water are bothersome for doctors, and so far no effective treatment has been found, and regular activities such as showering and swimming are also extremely difficult.

  2. Exercise Although this seems to be a good reason to shirk away from the gym, for those who are allergic to sports allergic reactions, they do not experience it as personally as you hear.

  This symptom is caused by sports allergies and rubella, which can progress from urticaria and gastrointestinal problems to life-threatening allergic reactions.

  The options for your treatment include avoiding all physical activity and taking medications such as antihistamines and excessive cell stabilizers.

  3. Does this sex break your mood?

  There is no doubt that this is an allergic reaction to semen, which involves a physical response to a male semen display (a liquid carrying sperm).

Symptoms include urticaria, blisters, and difficulty breathing.

  Is there any good news for us?

There are indeed some therapies available, the simplest of which is the use of condoms or exposure therapy (ie, more bedtime activities to make you immune to it.

  4. Sunlight Sun allergy is far more than an occasional sunburn. It is also a physiological response of the immune system to sunlight, manifested as itchy rashes, headaches, and nausea, but severe ones can cause blisters and bleeding.

  For some extreme cases, a few minutes of sun exposure will cause a reaction. Keep away from the sun, and it is especially important for them to apply sunscreen to protect the skin.

  5. Technology Nowadays it is difficult for us to avoid driving high technology-smart phones, wireless networks and flat-screen TVs are everywhere.

But what if you have to remove them from your side?

  People with electrical sensitivity at the far end will experience excessive physical discomfort in areas close to the area that emits electromagnetic waves, including migraines, rashes, and chest pain.

  People who are sensitive to electrical sensitivities must be vigilant, never place items such as mobile phones or microwave ovens in their rooms, and avoid going to locations where they can affect them.

Some types of patients have even relocated to an area completely free of electromagnetic waves in southern France.

  6, shoes have a common pain in women Dublin: shoes allergies.

  Yes, many people have some physical symptoms because they wear shoes, from inflammation caused by the glue, resin and other materials used to produce shoes to painful skin cracking.

Sweat can also make the situation worse.

  In order to make people feel better, people who have allergies in shoes often perform repeated tests on the shoes under their feet, or pay attention to wearing socks to reduce contact with bad materials.

  7, underwear is like shoes, people found that chemicals and fabrics in underwear can cause skin irritation in sensitive people.

The rubber in the girdle and the chemicals that handle the fabric are often the culprits for these symptoms.

  In order to avoid skin reactions, people of all kinds can often only buy underwear made of pure natural fabrics.

  8. Chocolate Some people can’t live without chocolate, but others can’t stand chocolate.

  It is rare for chocolate to cause allergies, including causing headaches, acute measles, or difficulty breathing.

  Because chocolate is made from many crumbs, don’t always have hard cocoa-and milk, nuts and soy lecithin can be allergens.

  9. You may say that you hate winter in the cold, but for some people, it is true.

  In cold air, air-conditioning or cold water outdoors, when the temperature drops suddenly, some people’s skin becomes red, itchy, and swollen. In severe cases, they will faint, shock, and even die.

  There is no cure for cold urticaria, only some medications can help ease it.